Herndon Tree is run by Paul Reynolds. Paul has worked as an arborist in Northern Virginia for many years. In the past you may have come across his company Paul’s Trees. “Herndon Tree“ is the new name of a familiar face in the tree business. Paul has extensive knowledge of how to safely manage and care for trees. Those who know Paul know him to be highly professional, and yet friendly and engaging. Paul will always go out of his way to ensure that the job is done well and the customer is satisfied.

In Herndon, as well as surrounding areas such as Great Falls, Sterling, Oakton, and Reston, many mature trees grow among the homes and businesses. This urban tree canopy is extremely beneficial. However these trees need to be safely and effectively managed in order to thrive and not become a hazard. As a member of the community, we at Herndon Tree are proud to do our part to make it possible to have healthy trees in Herndon and elsewhere in the region.

In addition to being highly qualified to perform tree work, Herndon Tree takes pride in providing excellent customer service. When you engage with Herndon Tree, you can expect us to be prompt, respecting your time. An arborist from Herndon Tree will listen to your concerns, and work with you to accomplish your goals for maintaining your tees. You will find that personnel from Herndon Tree always conduct themselves in a professional manner. We are courteous to customers, as well as neighbors and any other member of the community. Get in touch with Herndon Tree to request a quote or schedule a consultation. We’ll be happy to help with your tree project.