Schedule a Consultation

The best thing to do if you are even thinking about having tree work done is to schedule a consultation with Herndon Tree. A consultation will give the arborist a chance to point out things with your trees that may not be obvious to you. Face to face conversation can be a more effective form of communication. If you aren’t sure what types of tree work you may need, the arborist can guide you to make the right decisions. If you already know what tree work needs to be done, a face-to-face meeting is a great way to learn more about the process. Often, a homeowner will ask for a quote for one thing, and end up very glad to have had another potential problem pointed out during a consult.

What’s Next?

After submitting your information, an arborist will contact you to set up a time to meet. If at all possible, it is always best for all stakeholders to be present for the meeting (for example: BOTH husband and wife).  Be prepared to communicate any concerns you have, and ask questions to help you understand more.

Request a Quote

Perhaps you already know exactly what you want. You can explain exactly what the job entails. Accessing and identifying the tree or trees that need work is simple. Maybe your schedule makes it difficult to pin down a time to meet. You just want to request a quote. If this is the case, please provide sufficient details about the work, and make sure we will know which tree or trees you are talking about (marking trees with ribbon may be a solution).

An arborist will schedule a time to come out and take a look as soon as possible. We will do our best to communicate when we will be there. If you are available at that time, feel free to come out and chat with the arborist. Shortly after the site visit, you can expect a proposal for the work as requested.

COVID-19 Concerns

An arborist will always bring a mask and wear it whenever close contact is required. If you prefer, we will always wear a mask in your presence. An alternative to a face-to-face meeting is to be on the phone with the arborist as he walks your property. This would be the next best thing while you remain safely inside. We also have some additional options for contactless engagement regarding proposal delivery and payment. Please let us know what your level of concern is. We will always respect your safety.