Tree Trimming

Tree trimming, also referred to as tree pruning, is an important aspect of tree maintenance. Sometimes a home owner or property manager can easily identify a situation where tree growth has become a problem and needs to be addressed. In other instances, it may not be clear whether or not a tree needs to be trimmed. In either case, a qualified professional should be consulted to ensure the best outcome.

Any tree trimming project should start with consulting and planning. The arborist will collaborate with stakeholders to determine clear objectives. An arborist from Herndon Tree will have extensive knowledge of what types of trimming should and should not be performed. This will ensure the best health and longevity of a tree. Input from property owners about the desired appearance and function of trees, while subjective, is also an important factor in planning a tree trimming project. When consulting with a customer, an arborist from Herndon Tree will convey important information about what is best, but also ask the customer about concerns and preferences. This collaboration will ensure the most desirable outcome, on completion of the project, and into the future.

Residential Tree Trimming

For residential tree maintenance there are a few things a homeowner may want to consider. Ask yourself these questions in advance of a consultation with a Herndon Tree arborist. Are my trees too close to, or touching my house? Do branches extend into occupiable spaces such as my driveway, walkway, patio or deck? Do tree leaves block the view of my house? Is the grass beneath my trees too sparse? These are just some of the things that can be addressed with tree trimming. Take a look at your trees from time to time, think about what you would like to get out of your trees, and schedule an appointment with Herndon Tree.